"B N B4 10 OR U R A HAZ BN"

The true meaning of the cryptic text and the warning it holds!
By 2013 almost a generation had passed since there had been a verified and reliable sighting of Tall Betsy on Halloween night. The citizens of Cleveland, Tennessee, known to be rowdy revelers, started getting lackadaisical about warning their children to be in before 10 PM on All Hallows Eve.
Which brings us to the story of Laura Gainer. Laura was one of the popular girls in her high school and she made it her business to have as many people’s phone numbers in her brand new phone as possible. After trick or treating and attending a party at a neighbor’s house on Centenary Avenue, she walked to her home, two doors down.

As she was walking, she was sending a group text to everyone in her phone. As she chose a photo she looked up from her phone to see Tall Betsy looming, just steps ahead of her. She threw her phone at the ominous specter and ran for her front door!
Laura never saw her phone again. The messages that come from it once a year still tingle the spines of the residents of Cleveland, Tennessee.
Run Home