About Tall Betsy

Bradley County's Official Halloween Goblin Joint State
of Tennessee Senate/House Resolution May 1989

Residence: Fort Hill Cemetery in Cleveland, Tennessee

Favorite Hangout: Centenary Avenue, Historic Downtown Cleveland - Halloween Night

Favorite Food: Tardy Trick-or-Treaters

Personal Honor: Official Legislative Proclamation:
"Official Goblin of Her Hometown" - Cleveland, Tennessee

Height: Stands 7'6 1/2"

Trademark: Her walking cane – made from a persimmon tree

Words to LIVE by:"B N B 4 10 or U R A Has-Been!"

Where will Tall Betsy be this year?
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The New Tall Betsy, revealed!
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What It feels like to be eaten by Tall Betsy for breakfast
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The Return of Tall Betsy to the Cleveland Halloween Block Party!
emerging from her early retirement, Tall Betsy is back and hungrier than ever.

Tall Betsy

2005 Halloween Block Party
An epic event featuring stars of the show "Leave It To Beaver" along with music sensation Little Richard! The biggest block party in Cleveland's history.


Tall Betsy's Favorite Photos