Videos Promote Famous Tall Betsy Return

Cleveland, Tennessee – the Halloween capital of America – is having a major celebration this year to honor the return of Tall Betsy to 150 Centenary Avenue.

The address in the historic district of downtown Cleveland is where the famous goblin made her most famous appearances during the ‘80s and drew crowds of thousands.

Tall Betsy retired in 1998 after drawing a crowd of 25,000. A helicopter film crew captured the event and the large crowds on Centenary Ave.

The state of Tennessee named Tall Betsy "The Official Halloween Goblin of Bradley County" on May 24, 1989.

This is a short video that features a reciting of the poem created as a tribute to the goblin called "The Legend of Tall Betsy." The video was made by J. Bailey Jones, the official Tall Betsy spokesperson and features Gincy Pendergrass, a Cleveland, TN, fourth grader.

The second video provided here is a short version of a full-length Tall Betsy documentary that appeared on PBS and NBC in 2012.

"Halloween history will be made on Centenary Avenue this year,” said Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland. “Those lucky enough to see Tall Betsy will have memories they can share one day with their children and grandchildren. This is a night Cleveland will remember forever – possibly the spookiest night our city has ever seen."

Tall Betsy’s official website is TallBetsy.com.

For more information on Tall Betsy, contact Toby Pendergrass at (423) 473-4227 or email: tpendergrass@jonesmanagement.com

Where will Tall Betsy be this year?
150 Centenary Ave., Cleveland, TN

tall bestsy studies

Tall Betsy prepares for her Halloween appearence at the Cleveland Block Party

Tall Betsy
is coming for you!

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Ready for her
close-up !

The ghoul of the hour gets ready at Creekridge, a platial home located in Cleveland, Tennessee!

The New Tall Betsy, revealed!
With a new face and hairstyle created by Hollywood Special Effects masters, Tall Betsy is ready for her special night.

B N B 4 10
or Tall Betsy will come get you!

What It feels like to be eaten by Tall Betsy for breakfast
– who says she isn't real?

PBS Documentary about Tall Betsy
Featuring in-depth interviews from Cleveland, Tennessee natives.

The Return of Tall Betsy to the Cleveland Halloween Block Party!
emerging from her early retirement, Tall Betsy is back and hungrier than ever.

Tall Betsy

2005 Halloween Block Party
An epic event featuring stars of the show "Leave It To Beaver" along with music sensation Little Richard! The biggest block party in Cleveland's history.


Tall Betsy's Favorite Photos