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Did you see Tall Betsy this past Halloween?
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Where will she be this Hallow's Eve?

Tall Betsy 2015 Video. Produced by J. Bailey Jones.
Starring Gincy Pendergrass – 4th grader at E.L. Ross Elementary School

Historic article
Breaking News! A recent archival discovery sheds light on Tall Betsy related dissapearances from the 1920's! This articles prooves the existence of Tall Betsy and her taste for "eting" children.

Tall Betsy
Tall Betsy at her home in Fort Hill Cemetary, Cleveland, Tennessee.

The Legend of Tall Betsy

She comes out only on Halloween
On Centenary Avenue she can be seen,
Tall Betsy is the Lady in Black,
For scaring "night-owls" she has a knack.

Now if you're good and go home early,
You won't get 'et by this gruesome girlie.
But if you linger 'til after ten,
We want you to know you are a "has been."

'Cause Betsy will tuck you under her arm,
And you can bet, that is cause for alarm.
To Fort Hill Cemetery she will go,
To her mausoleum, with YOU in tow!

If you don't escape before sunrise,
I warn you now you will be her prize.
She will have you for breakfast, I do not jest,
You'll be on the menu but not as her guest.

Your bones, she'll dump in that ole well,
At Arnold School and no one will tell.
Your parents, they'll worry and fret,
They'll search all over for you, I'll bet.

So, go home early on Halloween night
And November 1st you'll be all right.
Trick or treating is so much fun
But if you see Tall Betsy… RUN!

Where will Tall Betsy be this year?
Tall Betsy's location revealed. Click now!

tall bestsy studies

Tall Betsy prepares for her Halloween appearence at the Cleveland Block Party

Tall Betsy
is coming for you!

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Ready for her
close-up !

The ghoul of the hour gets ready at Creekridge, a platial home located in Cleveland, Tennessee!

The New Tall Betsy, revealed!
With a new face and hairstyle created by Hollywood Special Effects masters, Tall Betsy is ready for her special night.

B N B 4 10
or Tall Betsy will come get you!

What It feels like to be eaten by Tall Betsy for breakfast
– who says she isn't real?

PBS Documentary about Tall Betsy
Featuring in-depth interviews from Cleveland, Tennessee natives.

The Return of Tall Betsy to the Cleveland Halloween Block Party!
emerging from her early retirement, Tall Betsy is back and hungrier than ever.

Tall Betsy

2005 Halloween Block Party
An epic event featuring stars of the show "Leave It To Beaver" along with music sensation Little Richard! The biggest block party in Cleveland's history.


Tall Betsy's Favorite Photos